Move It To Lose It is back this June

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Move it to Lose it, our men’s and women’s weight management programme, re-starts this June.

Delivered over three years in partnership with Richmond Council, the popular 12-week adults’ weight management programme returns in June. Unlike the first cohort delivered throughout January, February and March, all sessions are now being delivered face-to-face, at Old Deer Park and online via Zoom in Richmond, available to residents in the Borough of Richmond.

The programme offers 12 weeks of nutrition, fitness and exercise guidance and insights. All participants, upon course completion, will receive a free month-long gym pass. Additionally, all participants will have the opportunity to take part in a session with a Brentford FC player and a member of the coaching staff, who will share their training tips and answer any questions related to fitness and nutrition.

Craig Botwin, a Move it to Lose it participant who took part in the last course cohort, said: “I made it to my weight goal! I started at 104.5kg on 26 of January and weighed in recently at precisely 90.0kg – a total weight loss of 14.5kg!

“I knew I needed to do something when I joined the class, but I don’t think I knew quite how bad I had gotten through the first lockdown. I went to the doctor around the same time; my blood pressure was high, 180 over 120. With the help of exercise, it’s down to 116 over 80, close to normal levels.

“I can tell the difference in my fitness and the fit of my clothes! The exercise classes and tips such as keeping a food diary help me stay consistent.

“I appreciate the coaches’ efforts; it was great to get something positive from the second lockdown! This is a great initiative, and I hope it continues, as it made a big difference to me and got me to do something about my weight and fitness. To be honest, without it, I am not sure if I would have acted on my own, and given my health at the time, who knows what could have happened

“I also wanted to repeat thanks to Emiliano Marcondes for joining us on the call. I knew he was a good player, and he was sincere – I was impressed by what a great person he is. You hear a lot about the footballers who get up to bad things, but it’s great to know there are people like Emiliano in the game. He has gained at least one new fan for life!”

If you are a resident in the Borough of Richmond, please contact Carol Clark at

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