We Join the European Football for Development Network

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We are excited to announce that we have joined EFDN – European Football for Development Network.

EFDN consists of professional football clubs who are committed to their communities and social responsibilities and have the passion to cooperate and engage on a European level. This collaboration creates a network for knowledge sharing in order to develop a diversity of training methods that will directly benefit local social responsibility and community programmes. The goal of EFDN is to support the efforts of its members to broaden their impact and ability to use the power of football for positive change in collaboration with other European Football clubs.

All EFDN members are united in the belief that football has the power to change lives – it can improve health and well-being outcomes, promote social inclusion and aid in tackling issues such as racism, youth employability skills and school attendance. Football-based programmes can help to create positive community role models and provide a unique platform to inspire and unite people both within their local communities and as part of the larger European family.

The goal of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust,together with other Network members, is to share knowledge and experiences on a European level to enhance the quality and efficiency of national and local football for development initiatives. This is achieved through European exchange programmes for staff, volunteers and participants, international conferences to share best practices, the EFDN Online Learning Platform and the development of European community programmes for the member clubs.

Lee Doyle, Chief Executive of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, said:

‘’Joining the EFDN network gives us the opportunity to showcase our positive developments within our community to a broader audience. It is a great opportunity to cooperate with well-known sports and football community organisations, allowing us to learn and share best practices in the football community. Being a member of the EFDN network also demonstrates the progress we have made  and our motivation to continue to expand our positive work.’’

Tomas Abreu, Marketing Manager and Sports Programmes Coordinator, said:

‘’EFDN is a vibrant community football European network – providing us with the ability to exchange and learn sports community best practices. This is key for the continuous development of the Trust, which always aims to develop pioneering and engaging community programmes.

We have also recently aligned our strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which demonstrates our willingness to show our local impact at a global level.’’

For any further information, please contact Tomas at tabreu@brentfordfccst.com

About EFDN:

The Network consists of more than 60 clubs from across Europe, who benefit from EFDN’s strategic partnership with Football Against Racism Europe (FARE), Centre for Access on Football (CAFE), the Social Football Club Alliance, European Healthy Stadia Network, ECA and UEFA Foundation for Children.

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