Matchday Commentary Competition to return next year!

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Winners of the most recent competition had the chance to commentate on the Brentford v Norwich game in November!

The competition which began with participants signing up for a Mark Burridge masterclass had the opportunity once completing the webinar, to send in five Brentford FC matchday clips where participants provided commentary. Following the submissions, expert judges selected the winning participants who had the chance to take part in a unique matchday experience where they would discover what goes on behind the scenes on a matchday and would be able to commentate on the game live.

Our competition winners Harry Bruzon and Luke Mitschke got to see all the action from up in the gantry where they got a first-hand look at Mark Burridge in his element commentating on all the action on the pitch below. Despite not being the result our competition winners and all the Brentford fans in the stadium would have liked it was nonetheless a fantastic experience and Mark and his team were very impressed with the skills both boys demonstrated.

Nick Bruzon, Harry’s dad had this to say about the experience “We can’t thank you enough for the opportunity afforded to Harry at the Norwich game. He takes football – and Brentford – more passionately than even I ever thought possible. So to be given the chance for involvement at this level is like nothing even he could have imagined. Needless to say, he had an absolutely wonderful time and was talking about it for a good week afterwards.”

Keep an eye out for the next competition which is due to run in 2022.

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