Loneliness Awareness Week: “I always feel much better afterwards”

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On Loneliness Awareness Week, we spoke to Jennifer Morris who runs our weekly over 50s Social Club at Griffin Park. The project, which has been running for eight years, has been credited with tackling social isolation amongst local residents and Brentford Fans.

-What does the Social Club involve? What activities do they do?

For the first hour, we do exercise to music and then we chat over a cup of tea or coffee. We also do table tennis.

-Who can attend? How many people roughly attend each week? Is it free?

-Anyone can attend over the age of 50. It is £3 per class and 50p for the tea. We also can adapt the class to suit the needs of the people involved.

-What benefits do you think it has for the people involved?

Many of the people involved have spoken of how the sessions has helped with stiffness, prevented weight gain and improved their overall fitness.

Many of the local people involved have been involved with the project since its inception eight years ago.

Socially, the sessions also provide the participants with a platform to share advice and share experiences.

 -How do you think the group tackles social isolation?

Many of the people involved have been going through a grieving process, retiring from work, losing a loved one or had ongoing medical problems, the club provides the people with a space to talk about their difficulties and support each other.

One lady, who has terminal cancer, always says how much better she feels after attending the sessions.

-If someone was unsure about attending the group, what would you say to them to persuade them?

It is a fun group with local people who are friendly and caring. Also, the class is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy. Just come and see and I look forward to meeting you there!

If you would be interested in joining the group, please contact Amy Crook on 0208 8326 7030 or at acrook@brentfordfccst.com

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