Club and Trust Join Football for Peace Panel Discussion

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To mark International Day of Peace on Thursday 21 September, the Club and Trust joined a Football for Peace panel hosted by Peace One Day.

Brentford FC Club Ambassador, Marcus Gayle and Hannah Barnett, Head of the Social, Education and Health Hub at Brentford FC Community Sports Trust joined a live panel discussion in partnership with Street Soccer Foundation to celebrate International Peace Day on Thursday 21 September.

Marcus and Hannah were joined on the panel by Keith Mabbutt, Founder and CEO of Street Soccer Foundation and Kick It Out’s Head of Player Engagement, Troy Townsend. The discussion focused on how football organisations can work together to use the beautiful game to address broader societal issues and promote unity, social cohesion and community development.

Speaking on the panel, Hannah said: “We use the power of sport, football and the club badge to start the conversation in the community. When you also look at what other Club Community Organisations are doing across the country you begin to realise how big the impact is.

“Football might be the hook that gets people through the door, but it’s what we then do from there that can make a real difference across the community.”

To watch the full Peace Day Live 2023 broadcast hosted by Peace One Day, click here. The Football for Peace panel discussion starts on 3:19:55.

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