Bee A Hero: Register to Donate Blood Before Crystal Palace Match

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Follow in Club Ambassador Marcus Gayle’s footsteps as he recently gave blood for the first time in response to the urgent call for more blood donors.

On 12 October 2022 NHS Blood and Transplant declared its first ever amber alert over blood supplies, meaning overall blood stocks in England were at a critically low level.

This followed an urgent call for more donors of black heritage to treat sickle cell, the fastest growing genetic condition in the UK. Sickle cell is more prevalent in people of black heritage and ethnically matched blood provides the best treatment.

The Bee a Hero campaign has been launched in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant. More blood donors, especially people of black heritage, are urgently needed. We are calling on supporters and our local community to respond.

Follow Marcus’ journey as he donated blood for the first at the NHS Blood Donation Centre in Shepherd’s Bush.

Ro and B positive blood types are urgently needed to treat the 15,000 people in the UK suffering from sickle cell disease. Black blood donors are ten times more likely to have these blood types.

Find out your blood type before the match against Crystal Palace

Before the Bees take on Crystal Palace at the Gtech Stadium on Saturday you can find out your blood type at the Hive between 12:00-14:30.

To find out your blood type you MUST register to give blood on the NHS website first. To register online, click here: Why more black blood donors are needed – NHS Blood Donation.

Only 1% of current blood donors in the UK are black – that’s 11,400 people. Follow in Marcus’ footsteps and Bee A Hero today. Help to save a life and register to give blood now.

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