Young females at Trust sessions will now be given greater opportunities through the FA England Women’s Talent Pathway

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Brentford FC Community Sports Trust are delighted to announce our involvement in the newly expanded Talent Inclusion Programme work with the FA and 33 other EFL Club Community Organisations

The Talent Inclusion programme ensures that through our existing community activities, female participants can be identified and referred to the FA England Women’s Talent Pathway. Social class, ethnicity and demographics should not be a barrier to success.

For girls showing potential, the programme creates a pathway from community to full England honours, with an educated workforce that identifies and supports potential. We will be supported by an education and learning programme managed by the EFL Trust and supported by The FA. The longer-term aspiration of the programme is for all English EFL clubs to engage.

Amber Lloyd our head of Female Football Development had this to say,

“This is a great opportunity for the Trust and our female participants; the programme will further aid in ensuring our participants have relevant pathways to further progress within football which links well with our female Post 16 programme which also began this academic year. Participants from our Community Engagement sessions to our dedicated Girls Football Development Centre will be able to be recommended ignoring some of the barriers which can usually affect participation.”

FA Women’s Talent Pathway Operations Manager, Alexis Lunn-Gadd commented,

“Our Partnership with the EFL Trust contributes hugely to our ongoing work to develop and deliver an accessible and inclusive talent pathway. We are delighted that the programme has expanded to 34 Clubs. We cannot underestimate the impact of the bespoke work the CCO’s will be delivering within their communities and how that will undoubtedly help unearth potential hidden talent.”

Loo Brackpool, Head of Participation and Community Engagement at the EFL Trust comments,

“We are delighted to be continuing our work in partnership with The FA to really address areas of need. The EFL Trust network of Club Community Organisations delivers in some of the most diverse communities within the country, engaging thousands of girls on a weekly basis. We know there is talent out there, we just need to provide the opportunities by working with the network and The FA to make talent pathways more accessible by understanding local need and barriers.“

To find out more about football opportunities for girls please email or sign up for our Girls Football Development Centre trials this December by clicking here

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