We are offering new volunteering opportunities at the Trust

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Offering 14-24 year olds the opportunity to make a difference in the local community

With our community work spanning more than three decades, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust has established itself as a pioneering organisation for the local community. It uses the power of sport to educate, motivate and inspire people from all backgrounds.

We are continually looking for young people that want to gain valuable work experience to join our volunteer programmes and as we offer a large portfolio of work based within education, employability, sports participation, health and community engagement we have something to offer every individual.

Volunteers will be allocated to a project/department based upon their interests and rewarded with a certificate celebrating their achievements based upon the number of hours they complete.

We are planning to provide two volunteer training days, the next being on the 16th of February and then a further day in April.

For more details and to submit your application, area of interest and availability please contact Saara at ssuortti@brentfordfccst.com

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