Five reasons you should take part in our 10k for Brentford SportsFEST

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1. It is set in the iconic grounds of Syon Park

Syon Park has become synonymous with west London – attracting thousands of tourists and locals to its beautiful grounds. Our morning 10k run will include you running past Syon House, which is the spectacular London home of the Duke of Northumberland.

2. You will get to see parts of Syon Park usually closed to the public

Unlike your usual jog on a Sunday morning, this race offers the opportunity to run through the Duke of Northumberland’s private gardens within Syon Park, which are normally closed to the public.

3. The 10k course is like no other

The course is a mixture of trail, path, meadow and parkland. Make sure you lace up your jogging shoes, as there are some stretches of the course that pass over rough ground and open meadow!

4. You can sample a number of activities in our Health and Fitness Village

Yoga and Pilates are just some of the sessions on offer as you cool down from your race.

5. Your booking will help transform the lives of thousands of young people

Aside from running, by booking our 10k, you will help donate to Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, which supports thousands of children, young people and adults across west London. Read more about our work here.

You can book your place at Brentford SportsFEST here.

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